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- July 2018 -

Essential news, use cases, and guides from Qualaroo and the world of feedback.

"Understanding general pain points that people have in their lives is important so we can figure out where we can step in to solve the problem in an effective, efficient way and a way that makes sense for the business." 

Ajantha Suriyanarayanan, Director of Consumer Insights for

How ART.COM Contextualizes Consumer Behavior

How To Collect, Analyze and Activate on User Feedback from Web Visitors and Customers

[GUIDE] Your Guide to a Feedback Engine

A personalized message increases the likelihood that your visitor will provide feedback. Your Native SDK now supports Dynamic Text Customization, allowing you to personalize your visitor's feedback experience!

Dynamic Text Customization Within Your Native SDK

"We’ve implemented a process that has allowed us to capture reasons why deals have gone dark and it helps us shape the conversations we’re having earlier in the sales funnel to prevent prospects from going dark." - Curtis Morris, CEO

Why do your prospects go dark? Just ask.

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