Notes From the Field

- January 2019 -

A monthly UX newsletter from the team at Qualaroo.

From AI to the responsibility of UX designers, there’s a lot to keep your eye on in 2019. We're sharing our top 9 UX trends and why you should care about them on the Qualaroo blog!

9 UX Trends to Watch Out For This Year

Some rules are meant to be broken...or rather, redefined. We believe one of those very ideas is the 3-Click rule. We’re debunking this outdated rule and sharing a new way of thinking about clicks in our latest post.

Does the Number of Clicks Really Matter?

We recently read this piece by Martina Győrffy about navigation in mobile apps. It’s had us thinking about the digital user journey and how to create “friendly digital spaces.” Check it out to read her take on how to do exactly that!

What's On Our Minds

This month's book club choice was Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowles. With the question of where responsibility in design begins and ends heavy on our minds, Bowles’ chronicling and commentary of different ways to think about the ethical implication of design has certainly got us thinking! Shout out to our friends at Mission UX for the recommendation.

Book Club: Future Ethics

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