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- August 2018 -

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"User research allows us to stay proactive and continue innovating with our customer's feedback in mind."

Claire Menke, Director of UX Research at Udemy

How Udemy Learns From Their Students

According to Forbes, ecommerce sales grew by 16% in 2017 in comparison to the previous year with the busiest months being November through December. Yet the shopping cart abandonment rate remains about 75% within ecommerce. Learn how you can maximize on holiday traffic and drive more shopping cart completions.

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Holiday Season with User Feedback

Creating a Persistent Feedback Survey can help you generate a consistent stream of feedback indefinitely when the time is right for the visitor.

Give your customers and web visitors an option to provide feedback at their leisure.

Asking key questions to gain user feedback is extremely important for businesses to be able to deliver on their customers’ expectations and make improvements. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain this feedback without being obtrusive. We’ve broken down the top considerations in creating that strategy: timing, placement and length of survey.

How to Gather Feedback Without Distracting the Customer Experience

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