Feedback Monthly

- June 2018 -

Essential news, use cases, and guides from Qualaroo and the world of feedback.

“To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face - both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow." - Laura Schaffer, Twilio

A Look Into Twilio's Process for Studying Users

We developed a 7-Step Guide on how to engage and grow your mobile app users with feedback.

[GUIDE] How To Grow & Retain Your Mobile App Users

Do you want to fire a Nudge when a specific element on your site is clicked? This help article serves as a step-by-step guide to help you set up this powerful targeting technique.

How To Trigger a Nudge when an Element is Clicked

"Everyone realizes their refrigerator is full of perishable goods, but most don't realize that user feedback also has a shelf life." - Curtis Morris

Feedback Has A Shelf Life

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