Feedback Monthly

- November 2018 -

Essential news, use cases, and guides from Qualaroo and the world of feedback.

“The first thing any new CEO or director of marketing should do is create a survey of relevant questions and eliminate the assumptions they might have.”

- Matthew Goldman, Director of Marketing at Earth Class Mail

Learn how Earth Class Mail used customer feedback to onboard a new leadership team

Missed our pricing webinar with Patrick Campbell, the CEO of ProfitWell? Visit the Qualaroo blog for the highlights. You'll learn about the changing nature of the subscription market, why talking to your customers is vital for value creation, and more!

[WEBINAR RECAP] Supercharge Your Revenue With Data-Driven Pricing

Learn a few strategies for how Qualaroo can help you recruit participants onsite for your UX research, experiments, interviews, and other feedback campaigns. We'll take you through some examples for how to implement them on your site.

Recruiting UX Research Participants Onsite with Qualaroo

This year we were thrilled to sponsor San Antonio World Usability Day 2018. We listened to talks on accessibility, inclusivity in design, and more. Read our favorite takeaways on the Qualaroo blog!

Key Takeaways From San Antonio World Usability Day 2018: Design for Good or Evil

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